email2SMS, bulkSMS and Premium rated keywords can be used for marketing your company. Have any questions or comments? Contact us on the details below.

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Sending a SMS via your email account is really easy. Send the email to <cellnumber> and write the message in the subject or body of the email, and click send! Once the sms has been sent, you will receive a confirmation email to let you know that the SMS was delivered.

Subject: Hi James, Ive sent you this SMS via my email account! If you also want email2SMS visit From Nikky

And thats it. No hassles, no fuss, just plain and simple email2SMS.


Your company is launching a new product, or your store is having a sale, and you want everyone to know about it, send out bulkSMS and get their attention.

Why not personalize each bulkSMS to include your customers name and surname? SMSkit™ takes the hassle of handling large lists of numbers and stores them in one convenient place for you to send out bulkSMS in a few clicks. Find out more about SMSkit™ here.

Premium Rated Keywords

Want to be able to make money from SMS? Register a keyword with us that people can SMS to find out information about your company, enter a competition or vote about a topic. We setup a revenue sharing agreement with you, and everytime a person requests your keyword, you earn money!

In order for a person to request your keyword, they must send an SMS to 777 and specify your keyword in the SMS. They will receive a reply based on the service you have setup on the keyword.

When you setup a keyword with us, we will give you access to SMSkit™, where you will be able to manage all aspects of your keyword. Setting up marketing messages, adding extra services or viewing who and how many times your keyword was requested are all built into SMSkit™ Why not give it a try?